The cultural mixing of aborigines, Europeans and African, gave birth to the Dominican Republic artisans, these artists and craftsmen have master the traditional skills of making things by hand, these unique style Dominican artisans have and use  to craft this things can only be found on the island and nowhere else in the world.

The local artisans or craftsmen, who inherited their skills from their ancestors, could be found on the island small towns and seaside villages. Here one can appreciate they're unique skills, by using the methods given by their ancestors, this local artists and craftsmen can created all type of beautiful pottery. You be amaze to watch how this artist are able to create from guano or cane, bags, baskets, backpacks and hats, and  they can also make this  wooden figures which they make from a local wood call guayacan.

Tourists are charm with the beauty of Larimar and Amber. LARIMAR is a beautiful gemstone that can only be found in curtains places of the world, and one of these places is Dominican Republic.  The larimar gemstone is considered by the local people to have healing power. Because of these healing power that larimar posses is one of the reason the gemstone is being use by thousands of people around the globe. It's used specially by people and naturalists who practice holistic and alternative methods of healing. They say that by using larimar one assist the body, by reinforcing its healing processes.

LARIMAR is also known as the" Dominican turquoise", this gemstone make a great and lasting souvenir to take back home from your vacation in Dominican Republic. AMBER-which is a resin left by extinct species about 25 million years old, Jewelry made from amber could to, be a beautiful souvenir to have and take back to your family. Every time you pick up a piece of ambar, you will be holding in your hand a precious piece of history.

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